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Pay Per Print

We provide printers and copiers on rental basis to our customers and only charge a fixed amount per print. We install the machines at client sites and provide unlimited toner cartridge supply, on-site maintenance and various other services at no extra cost. No hidden charges.

We can also 'adopt' your existing printer/s and provide the exact same services mentioned here. The only difference would be that you would continue to own the printer as opposed to only having possession.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is regarded as the way forward for most business models because of the following reasons.


  • Pay Per Page Only. No hidden or incidental costs!
  • Zero Capex – Save capital for core business activities
  • Zero Depreciation Costs
  • Zero Maintenance / Repair Costs
  • No Need to buy a new Toner ever again
  • Convenient in every way
  • Guaranteed print quality at a low price
  • Guaranteed on-time on-site service only a call away
  • Keep track of print usage of each printer each month

Types of Printers / Copiers available

  • Regular laserjet printers – Duplex and Network features optional
  • High Speed Network Laserjet Printers with extra features optional
  • Multifunction Laserjet Printers (up to A4 size) with Print, Scan, Copy, Network and other features
  • Copiers (A3 size) with extra features optional
  • Colour Laserjet Printers
  • Colour Laserjet Multifunctional Printers with Print, Scan, Copy, Network and other features
  • Colour Copiers (A3 size) with extra features optional

We currently offer this service on Pan India basis for mid size and large organizations and only in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata for smaller companies. Solutions can be customized for specific requirements.